Stress and Anxiety

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can get you back on track

Relief from Stress and Anxiety

 When anxiety and stress spiral out of control, it can have an extremely disruptive effect on your life.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to tackle anxiety and get back in the driving seat of your life.


Most of my clients come to see me suffering with the effects of stress and anxiety. In fact, stress and anxiety are too familiar trait of our fast-paced modern life.

Anxiety can come on suddenly as a result of unexpected changes of circumstances such as illness, bereavement or redundancy.

More often than not, anxiety builds over time without you even realising it. You become accustomed to high levels of alertness, feelings of dread and insomnia until it all becomes too much, and you can’t do the things you use to.

(see more below about symptoms of stress and anxiety and the science behind it).

Solution focused hypnotherapy helps relieve anxiety:

With solution focused hypnotherapy we can help you take back control, increase your ability to cope, bringing calm and enjoyment back in your life.

We will work together to:

ü  Learn relaxation and breathing techniques to start being more relaxed and taking control back both generally and in response to events that previously proved stressful for you.


ü  Deactivate the fight-flight response that is keeping you in high alert and restore balance in the nervous system


ü  Define your vision of wellbeing and your best version of yourself to engage and motivate all of you to find the best possible way forward so you can confidently live the life you deserve


ü  Nurture a new positive reaction to life and a clearer perspective on things.


ü  Embody an inner sense of safety, self-possession, and centeredness



Hypnotherapy, combining hypnosis with a Solution Focused approach, is particularly effective in reducing stress and anxiety as it deals directly with the subconscious and makes good therapeutic use of the mind-body connection to promote calm and control.

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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for overcoming Stress and Anxiety - Clinical Hypnotherapy Bristol


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*Results may vary from person to person