Weight Management Programme

Changing your mind to change your shape*

By far the most common cause of weight gain, and difficulty in losing it, is our attitude to food, and this is not just a matter of choice: it’s a matter of conditioning laid down in the subconscious mind very early in life. Our parents may have given us habits and beliefs about food that we are still perpetuating: encouraging us to finish everything on our plate or rewarding us with sweet things. The Medias as well bombard us with conflicting idea and images of enticing foods and skinny people.

There is no shortage of diets, regimes and plans, but they themselves can be aggravating by raising our anxiety levels, promoting a deprivation mentality and sending our brains and bodies into starvation mode. 
The yoyo dieting starts to seriously affect our self esteem and confidence and the cravings intensify.

So, let’s help you change your mind.
The attitude of your mind towards food and eating is the most important means of losing weight, and that’s where Hypnotherapy comes in.

Re-education concerning relationship and attitudes to food, exercise and self image are all part of the program. It will help you think like a slim person and challenge those old patterns of behaviour through positive reprogramming.

With the combination of Hypnosis, Solution Focused Therapy and Mindfulness we will help you:

  • Set realistic and appropriate goals, keeping the programme fun and achievable
  • Reduce the stress around eating and bring back enjoyment
  • Regain control of your habits
  • Stop emotional / boredom eating and cravings
  • Listen to your body’s natural signals
  • Increase your Motivation
You will get more enjoyment out of your life as you change your attitudes and watch your shape change to a healthier you.

*Results may vary from person to person

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Bristol Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss - Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to change your shape