Confidence and Motivation

Building confidence, clarity and motivation


Is low confidence holding you back in achieving your dreams, progressing in your career or developing relationships?

We can work together to learn the skills to be happy being yourself.


Problems with your confidence or self-esteem can often happen due to the beliefs you have about yourself. These negative beliefs can build gradually, over the years and through various situations and knock backs in your life. You may end up feeling stuck or held back, insecure, unable to be assertive, hesitant to get on with the normal things of life like dating, applying for jobs or even engaging in hobbies.

But it does not need to be like that. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help to get the real you back, to be happy being who you are and embrace your potential.

With hypnotherapy we can help your confidence

Working together, we can build up your confidence and your self-esteem. Using a combination of hypnosis, resilience exercises and positive dialogue to establish strategies and achievable goals to help gently move forward step by step, building on your successes each week.

·       Hypnosis helps you to relax and reduce anxiety around trigger situations

·       Powerful techniques embody feelings of confidence and ease, ready to use at critical times

·       We define your vision of wellbeing, happiness and the best version of yourself to nurture a new, positive reaction to life and greater self esteem

·       Increase your confidence by highlighting and learning from your successes and achievements

·       Discover more of your strengths and resources to increase resilience

·       Connect to your values so they can feed your energy and motivation


confidence hypnotherapy

Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Confidence:

ü  Enjoy your social life and dating
ü  Gain clarity about your career and apply for promotions and jobs
ü  Stand up in public, deliver talks and presentations
ü  Feel motivated and energised to engage in your projects and dreams
ü  Being assertive in a calm and positive way
ü  Cope well with criticism and mistakes
ü  Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy significant improvement to your overall quality of life
ü  Increased effectiveness and enjoyment at work, in sports and in hobbies

*Results may vary from person to person

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Happiness