Anti Smoking Therapy

Stopping smoking is one of the most positive change you can make to your life inner and outer.

I can help you stop smoking the easy way with my expertly designed 3 Steps Stop Smoking Plan.

Call today 07731 784 254, for an informal discussion.

Session 1: 1.5 hours: We explore how your subconscious has created such a dangerous habit and how hypnosis, combined with your genuine desire to quit, will help you to stop forever. 
We give you hypnosis tools and preparation time designed specifically around your personality and including self hypnosis. This gets all of you on board for the next session.

Session 2: An hour of deep hypnosis designed to change and reprogram your mind about smoking.

Session 3: A follow up session ensures complete success by dealing with any remaining issue.

Total therapy time: 3.5 hours. 
Cost: £280 Price include backup CD. 
A £60 deposit is required when booking this session.
This program can help people quit very smoothly and easily, avoiding side effects and turning 'giving up' into a rewarding achievement that bears fruits beyond expectations*.

To find out more or book your session give me a call on 07731 784 254 or email

Colin from Bristol gave 5/5 stars to the 3 Steps Stop Smoking Plan. 

"Since visiting Stephanie to help me give up smoking, I have not had a cigarette for over a year now. In fact, I cannot believe that I was once a smoker, let alone that I smoked for over 20 years. If I had known how much Stephanie was going to help, I would have given up years ago. I cannot recommend Stephanie enough. She has helped me give up the worst habit a person can have with absolutely no regrets. I love not smoking and have already started recommending Stephanie to my friends (who have also given up having seen Stephanie)" - July 2015

*Results may vary from person to person.

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