Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

How long will each session be and how much will they cost?
Sessions are usually 50 minutes, occasionally running up to 70 minutes (excluding smoking cessation packages).
The agreed fee per session is as stated at the initial consultation and current prices are available online (www.stephanie-hypnotherapy.co.uk/p/location-prices)

What if I’m running late?
Please do your best to let me know if you are running late. There are some slots I have available that mean I am able to continue with your full session, but often I will have another client waiting and therefore it may mean our session has to be a little shorter. If your session needs to be curtailed due to your late arrival, then the session fee remains payable in full.

What if I need to rearrange my session?
Please let me know as soon as possible if you cannot attend an agreed appointment or wish to change the time. If you provide less than 24 hours’ notice, the charge for that session is still payable and if you cancel more than two appointments I will have to request that any future appointments are payable in advance to secure your appointment slot. In extreme circumstances, I may choose to waver the cancellation fee e.g. severe disruptive weather conditions, sudden illness, bereavement.
This reflects the commitment between us both as therapist and client to your therapeutic process. This also protects my business sustainability and allows me to give the cancelled slot to another client on a waiting list.
If I need to rearrange a session due to an emergency I will let you know at my earliest opportunity.

Everything we talk about during our sessions is strictly confidential between you and me. A summary of my privacy policy is available as a link o my website and the full document (11 pages) is available on demand.
However, as a therapist, I have a professional obligation to report to relevant authorities any suspicion of abuse or harm to a child. I also have a professional obligation to report to relevant authorities any concerns if I believe the client may be intending to cause harm to themselves, the therapist or others

Respect for the client and therapist will be constantly maintained.  
The therapist reserves the right to refuse or postpone treatment if they feel threatened or disrespected.

Online working Agreement:

As your therapist, during online sessions I will always:
  • Ensure our sessions are not overheard or interrupted.
  • I will always end our session meeting when your session finishes so that it is never accessible to anyone else.
  • None of our sessions will ever be recorded without your and my explicit and prior permission. The program I use will notify you if the session is being recorded so you can never be recorded covertly.
  • My electronic devises are protected with anti-virus software.
  • I use Zoom which is seen as one of the leading platforms for ensuring client confidentiality.
  • I will regularly update my knowledge on keeping secure online.
  • If any instance occurred that resulted in a breach of confidentiality of our online session (I can assure you this is highly unlikely), I would discuss this with you and inform you of my own procedure to notify the information commissioner’s office of any breach.
  • I will not be held responsible if you do not adhere to the advice on this form

For Your safety online as my client, we both need to make sure that:
  • You have given me verbal consent to conduct online session
  • We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that online therapy is suitable for you.
  • You have an appropriate environment for our sessions from your end.
  • We discuss emergency contacts with you in the form of a family member, friend or GP.
  • If working on a specific phobia, you must have a family member or friend who is able to support you should you experience heightened anxiety during trance. Your family member or friend should not be in the room with you.
  • Notify you of how to pay and that payment must be paid prior to our session.
  • In the event of any technical errors we will continue our session via telephone.

Working face to face in 2020 and beyond:

Following governments easing of the lockdown, I will be seeing people face to face from 26th of August 2020.  
There are some important things to consider:
  • You must not be ill or in the Vulnerable category (check here to make sure you are not a  vulnerable person: https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/coronavirus-covid-19-advice-vulnerable-people#toc-0)
  • You cannot do online sessions. This will apply if you do not have a computer at home or a stable enough internet connection; cannot have enough privacy in your home environment, do not feel safe having therapy at home, or whatever other reason we will discuss.
  • You are prepared to follow social distancing and related rules within the clinic. A letter will be sent to you upon booking your appointment for that purpose.

Privacy Policy:
To see my data protection and privacy policy: click here https://bit.ly/335uFnQ