Qi Gong

Qi Gong 

Learn how to glide effortlessly through life with Buddhist energy Qi Gong. 

My approach focuses on developing your relationship with your own healing abilities, improving relaxation, clarity and emotional stability.

Classes in Bristol

When: 2019



Where: The Bristol Buddhist Centre

I mostly teach in the context of meditation retreats

What people say about my classes 

"A lovely blend of sensitivity, playfulness and deep stillness"
"Really enjoyed getting into the flow of energy and felt really present in my body and breath"
"Very clear instructions, easy to learn and follow".
"Beautiful sequence, calming & energizing! really enjoyed it!"

What is QiGong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of healing and energy medicine. Qigong is a powerful healing art that involves gentle movements, meditation and breathing techniques to cleanse, circulate, strengthen and ground our life energy.

It works with the flow of Qi (or Chi) our "life force" or "life energy" for healing purposes, purposefully working with the Qi flow so as to restore a healthier balance within and between the different functions of the body.
Qigong is one of the most effective self-healing method in the world; it is easy to learn, the only investment needed is time and the beneficial effects are cumulative.

Qigong originated in China thousands of years ago from shamanism, Taoism and Buddhism, traditional Chinese medicine and has close links with Martial arts and tai chi.

What it means

Qi means ‘vital energy’, ‘breath’ or ‘life force’. It's a concept from traditional Chinese culture. 
Gong means cultivation or mastery. 
Qi Gong therefore could be translated as ‘cultivation of vital energy’ or ‘mastery of your energy’.

Self-Healing Form
5 Elements
Central Channel
Life force
Aligning with Heaven & Earth
Walking QiGong
Connecting to Nature
Jing - Qi - Shen

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