Fears and Phobias

The origin of a phobia is usually associated with the emotions caused by a traumatic event from early life. One of the roles of our subconscious minds, especially during our early development, is to ensure that we are programmed to avoid situations that put us in mortal danger. The programming and the programme are entirely automatic and have to be incapable of being rationalised in order to be effective.
Phobias are produced when the subconscious creates this 'instinctual' response erroneously. For example, a child whose parents are screaming at him because he has climbed onto a window ledge, may get a distorted impression of the dangers of high places.

When any fear becomes a phobia it can be extremely debilitating and restricting many areas of life.

Hypnotherapy can help in reducing anxiety and breaking down thought patterns disempowering the fear response giving you back control*. The treatment consist of:
  1. Reducing your level of underlying anxiety and teaching you how to maintain a greater state of calm.
  2. Diminishing the emotional trauma associated with earlier experiences.
  3. Programming the subconscious with new behavioural patterns in response to the source of distress.

At the Initial consultation, we discuss how phobias are created, how the sessions will work, and we agree your personal treatment plan and number of sessions. A free relaxation CD is included at this stage.

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*Results may vary from person to person