What is Hypnotherapy and how does it work?

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Hypnosis is a natural state of mind achieved by concentration on a single idea or object. We enter into many times a day for example when we are day dreaming, or listening to music... it can also be compared to the meditative state.
Hypnosis is a very pleasant and relaxing state where ones awareness is heightened and deeply concentrated.

Hypnotherapy uses the tool of hypnosis to guide the client into a relaxed state enabling the therapist direct access to their subconscious mind. This is where our instinctive behaviour patterns and natural reactions are formed. Using positive suggestion and imagery the therapist is able to focus on the behaviours that the client wishes to change. In this way your subconscious programming can be accessed and new insights and understandings can be formed.

Therapeutic techniques
Hypnosis is the tool that enables other psychotherapeutic techniques to be applied more effectively: it is this combination that helps you gain fresh attitudes and new ways of thinking about things.

  • Suggestion based therapy:
In the state of trance your subconscious mind becomes very receptive to beneficial suggestions, accepting suggestions to promote positive change. . It is useful for promoting positive messages such as confidence building and to help you reach your true potential or change a behavioural pattern or habit.

  • Solution Focused therapy:
It focuses on what you want to achieve through therapy rather than on the problem(s) that made you to seek help. It is concerned with goal achievement, changing perspectives and formulating solutions.
As a hypnotherapist I use these solution focused techniques to help discover people’s strengths, resources and wisdom. It is effective for treatment of fears, phobias, weight-loss, anxiety, depression and many more.
  • Other psychotherapeutic techniques are also used such as NLP and Mindfulness.

All therapy is completely client centred and tailored to your circumstances according to your preferences, your personality and your needs.

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Watch a video where a young woman shares her experience of a hypnotherapy session: her fears and expectations and how it turned out in reality.

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