Hypnotherapy to move on from depression



Get unstuck and find a new lease of life


Many of us suffer with ‘feeling low’ from time to time. Often this will quickly ease, and we go back to feeling like our usual coping and happy selves. For some people, however, this low mood persists and can lead to depression, affecting everyday life.


Depression is a recognised mental health condition that affects our relationships, our sleep, our physical health, our capacity to get things done. and our ability to experience pleasure and interest in activities that used to be enjoyable.


We can work together, at your own pace, to establish strategies to gently move forward and breathe fresh air into your life.



Hypnotherapy, combining hypnosis with a Solution Focused approach, is particularly effective to lift the symptoms of depression because it deals directly with subconscious and makes good therapeutic use of the mind-body connection.


Solution focused hypnotherapy helps:


ü  Deactivate the fight-flight-freeze response that is keeping you in inertia and restore balance in the nervous system


ü  Rediscover and engage with what you really want from your life now and in the future to engage and motivate all of you to find the best possible way forward so you can confidently live the life you deserve


ü  Nurture a new optimistic approach to life and a clearer perspective on things


ü  Establish realistic strategies and habits that allow you to move forward


ü  Embody an inner sense of safety and self-acceptance


Solution focused hypnotherapy does not exclude other treatments such as those recommended by your GP but works alongside those interventions in a holistic way.

Hypnotherapy is not something done to you, it is collaborative. You need to be ready to engage and commit to your own process of change.

We can work together to help you to be more in control, more able to move on from the past, more empowered in the present and more optimistic about the future.

Hypnotherapy to move on from depression

How to recognise Depression:

You may be suffering from depression if five or more of the following symptoms are present during the same two weeks period and represent a change from previous function and at least one of the symptoms is either the first of second of the list:


  • Depressed mood most of the day, feeling empty, sad, or tearful.
  • Loss of interest in daily activities.
  • Significant weight loss or weight gain.
  • Feeling nervous, restless, irritable, angry or grouchy on a daily basis
  • Sleep disturbance, either insomnia or sleeping all day.
  • Fatigue, loss of energy.
  • Lack of concentration, indecisiveness.
  • Feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt

o   Recurring thoughts of death



The causes of depression will be different from person to person and may be complex.

Causes can vary from bereavement, a relationship or family breakdown, work related stress or a change in living conditions. It can also be related to childhood experiences. Depression can also be triggered by illness or other physical factors; it is often exacerbated by alcohol, drug use and smoking. 


Depression is treatable, usually with a combination of self-help strategies (including changes in lifestyles, that can all be explored and supported through a course of Hypnotherapy), medication (if necessary) and talking therapy (including hypnotherapy).


If you think you maybe suffering with depression, you will need to see your Family doctor (GP) to get a diagnosis. They may prescribe you anti-depressants. Perhaps suggesting counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy on the NHS. If you are thinking of having some hypnotherapy, you could mention it to them.


Note: Being suicidal: If you, or someone close to you, are suicidal, please seek medical help urgently. See your GP and for immediate support, call the Samaritans (phone 116 123) or Childline (phone 08001111).